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Read: Rise of Watchdog Journalism Online

In free press, indy media, information access, intellectual freedom on November 19, 2008 at 2:59 pm

propublica2Check out this article on the role of nonprofit media in keeping investigative journalism alive. Particularly interesting are ProPublica and the New Haven Independent. Sadly, “citizen journalism” of the type we see on IndyMedia (even Alternet) is mistakenly dismissed. Still, there’s food for thought here. As librarians, non-corporate outlets provide critical information alternatives along with collection challenges since many subscription news aggregators and archives don’t include such content in news feeds. It’s worth considering how we make such sites accessible to the public through pathfinders and custom RSS.

Websites that dig for news rise as watchdogs

New York Times,

November 17, 2008

[excerpt] As America’s newspapers shrink and shed staff, and broadcast news outlets sink in the ratings, a new kind of Web-based news operation has arisen in several cities, forcing the papers to follow the stories they uncover. …. But some experts question whether a large part of the news business can survive on what is essentially charity, and whether it is wise to lean too heavily on the whims of a few moneyed benefactors.


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