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Digital TV for the People

In community organizing, disability, information access, information policy, media justice, racial justice on April 18, 2009 at 11:53 am

3451579398_d338e3a3ffYesterday (April 17th) groups around the country teamed up for a Digital TV National Day of Action. Coordinated by the Media Action Grassroots Network, the multi-city effort is part of a months-long campaign for a more socially responsible transition to DTV (just around the corner on June 12, 2009!).

According to the coalition, “With up to 20 million people, including seniors, low mobility, low income, people of color and rural communities unready for the transition, we must ensure a no cost digital transition in the interest of democracy and the common good, not corporate profits.”

Participating cities included:

Albuquerque-Santa Fe
Minneapolis-St. Paul
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
New York City
San Antonio

For more on the public information access and public space issues at stake, along with photos and stories from the National Day of Action, see the DTV for the People blog.


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