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The PATRIOT Act in 2009: A Resource Guide

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Since the passage of the original PATRIOT Act in 2001 and its revision in 2006, much national debate has centered on the legislation’s threat to privacy, intellectual freedom, and implicit sanction of pervasive racial profiling. As important sections of the PATRIOT Act are scheduled to sunset in December 2009, there is renewed opportunity to challenge unjust government spying on our communities. This guide offers resources to help civic and community leaders find both background and up-to-date information on the reauthorization debate.

What’s included in the guide:


  • The PATRIOT Act Itself
  • Treatises on the Law
  • Helpful Articles
  • Oversight & Watchdog Reports
  • Prior Cases


  • Pending Bills to Reform
  • Outstanding Cases
  • Useful Websites for Staying Current

Download the 2009 Patriot Act Resource Guide (PDF)
Last updated September 18, 2009 by A. Sonnie


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