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Revolutionary Voices 2.0: Toward a new edition

In censorship, LGBTQ issues, youth on April 19, 2011 at 2:10 pm

What a week! Landing on ALA’s 2010 Most Frequently Banned and Challenged Books list caught me by surprise. No small feat for a collection of youth voices published by an indie press more than 10 years ago.

Over the years, numerous fans and reviewers have said the book was “ahead of its time.” Seems like maybe its time has come — or not, depending on how you view the book banning shenanigans.

What is a fact: The book’s message of perseverance, community, healing, visibility and social justice is more needed than ever. If you don’t need this message. Don’t read the book.

As one of the original contributors wrote to me this week, “May a thousand queer youth pick up the book from their public library and know that it’s not them that needs to change, but the society around them!”

I am working to get the book back in print. I welcome comments here from anyone who supports reprinting this book. Would you buy it, loan it, gift it or add it to your syllabus? I would also like to know if people prefer print or digital editions, or audio books. My goal is to assure future editions meet universal access standards.

  1. I loved this book when I was in High School. Hopefully you’ll be able to both reprint & maybe create a second volume?

  2. Please, please, reprint this. Our large county system is down to two copies of this book and I’m afraid that they’ll go missing…we’d likely order several print copies. It would be great if you could include details of the challenges in the intro to the new edition.

    Regards from New Jersey.

    • Karla,

      Thank you! I definitely plan to include a new foreword that addresses so many highlights and controversies over the last 10 years!

      If you are going to NJLA next week please introduce yourself to me! I am speaking there on Monday May 2nd!

      — Amy

  3. YES. Whenever a book is challenged, and certainly when one is banned as this has been, demand goes up. It should do quite well in its new printing.

  4. yes yes! a reprint is really needed so we can keep plenty of copies of this book in our libraries and homes. PLEASE!

  5. This is book is an incredible anthology! It needs to accessible to youth (and adults) everywhere.

  6. A reprint in all formats would be welcome!

    — Toni

  7. I am a school teacher, a recovering Catholic, and a Lesbian…what a great book. My students have seen me reading this book and I had a couple who have tried to get the book but can not afford it. What a shame that this book is not available as a valuable resource for our youth…for ALL youth…not only those in the “queer” community.

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