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Chicago Magazine Explores 1968 Legacy

In archives, class, community organizing, indy media, racial justice, social movements on December 20, 2008 at 6:51 am

Peggy Terry VP Campaign PosterContinuing on the theme of the 1968 anniversary, an excerpt from my forthcoming book** was published this week in Chicago’s AREA magazine.

Issue #7 of AREA presents a look back at Chicago in 1968, its meaning, its art, and its vibrant  though lesser known rebellions. Read Rebecca Zorach’s Introduction here.

My contribution focuses on JOIN Community Union and the political transformation of one of its members, Peggy Terry. Terry, a southern-born poor white woman, became the heart of JOIN’s welfare and housing rights work, and later ran for vice-president in 1968 on the Peace & Freedom Party ticket with Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver. Terry didn’t ever expect to win, but she had another victory in mind: negating the influence of presidential candidate and renown racist George Wallace in poor white communities.

Read the except here: Uptown’s JOIN Community Union, 1964-1966

Other great features in AREA Issue #7:

**The book tentatively titled Keep on the Firing Line will be published in January 2010, and traces the history of five little-known community groups that organized white working-class communities against racism and poverty during the 1960s. It was coauthored with James Tracy.


Two Special Collections Honor 1968 Anniversary

In activism, archives, art, class, racism, social movements, special collections on December 15, 2008 at 5:05 pm
Univ. of Mich. Labadie Collection Exhibit "The Whole World Was Watching" runs through 1/11/09

Univ. of Mich. Labadie Collection Exhibit "The Whole World Was Watching" runs through 1/11/09

I just finished writing for a new book on multiracial coalition among anti-poverty activists in the 1960s (it’ll be out next winter through Melville House). It considers the unprecedented social change sparked 40 years ago. The book would not have been possible without the devotion of archivists and special collections librarians, along with those activists who shared their stories. Those dedicated archivists and community leaders have put together a number of great 1968 anniversary exhibits this year. Since a few of those exhibits are still running, now’s as good a time as any to go check them out:


"Rising Up Angry & Chicago's Early Rainbow Coalition" at DePaul Univ. through 1/12/09

"Rising Up Angry & Chicago's Early Rainbow Coalition" at DePaul Univ. through 1/12/09

The Chicago Oral History Project of the Center for Latino Research presents:
Radicals in Black & Brown: Pa’lante, People’s Power and Common Cause in the Black Panthers and Young Lords Organization


Rising Up Angry and Chicago’s Early Rainbow Coalition, 1968-1975

Exhibit runs through January 12, 2009
Closing Celebration: January 12, 6pm
Haber Lounge, John T. Richardson Library
DePaul University, 2350 N. Kenmore Ave, Chicago, IL


Julie Herrada of the Labadie Collection (University of Michigan Library) presents:
The Whole World Was Watching: Protest and Revolution in 1968

Exhibit runs until January 11, 2009
Hatcher Graduate Library Room 100
Univ. of Michigan, 920 North University, Ann Arbor, MI

You can also hear more from Julie Herrada and others on 1968 collections by watching video from the UC Berkeley Archives of Dissent. Click here to watch on YouTube.